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Tachikawa-High App: Watanabe Kiyoshi by AnimeNeko123 Tachikawa-High App: Watanabe Kiyoshi by AnimeNeko123
App for :icontachikawa-high:


But....I really love my babu. ; u ; He's an artist like me, and he has lovely long flowing white locks and white eyes. So....I like him. ewe I hope I got everything right and get accepted!

Here is some info~ :heart: 

Name: Watanabe Kiyoshi
Nickname: Ki, Kiyo, Yoshi, Yūrei

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Age: 16 
Grade: Second

Dormitory: Tamagawa 
Club: Art 

-Small spaces
-Staying inside
-Watching anime
-Art classes 

-Loud noises
-Speaking in public
-Messing up an art piece
-His appearance
-Anything scary/Ghosts
-Loosing his sketchpad
-Coffee or Tea

    Since Kiyoshi has always tried to maintain his distance from people and avoid speaking, it's created a lot of misunderstandings.  Some people think of him as some weirdo that just enjoys behaving like a total freak. Others thought he was mean and thought of himself as better than other people because of his talents. The whole truth of the matter is that, yes, he is very weird. He's your traditional eccentric artist with a mind full of creative and pretty awkward thoughts. But he'd never once think of himself as higher than anyone else. Far from it. His low self confidence causes him to actually put himself down rather than place himself up on a pedestal. It's probably the apathetic demeanor that just rubs people the wrong way and his silence, even though it's just him being too shy and sometimes even afraid to speak his mind. Yeah, he can be pretty sensitive from the years of being picked on. He's learned to cope and not let certain things get to him, but even he can be a crybaby. 

    Overall, when you look past all of Kiyoshi's weird quirks and issues, he's a pretty sweet boy. He'll just have a funny way of showing it to you.


    Kiyoshi was the only boy in his family, being born the middle child with one older and younger sister. He and his siblings had two wonderful parents that loved them very, very much and they did whatever they could for their kids in order to make them happy. Kiyoshi never really asked for much as a child though; always finding himself content with having nothing but a piece of paper and pencil to entertain him. He would spend some time playing with his sisters, going along with whatever sort of new game they concocted. But when it came time that his siblings wanted to go play outside, Kiyoshi usually refused. For some reason he just preferred staying indoors. No one in his family really minded it, they just let him do as he pleased. He liked it that way, it made life at home peaceful and simple....

    But that was only life at home. School ,was becoming an entirely different story. 

    His time during kindergarten was pretty fine, but as he started heading into elementary, things were steadily changing. Suddenly there were a lot more kids around him then he was used to. And all these kids didn't seem as nice as the ones before. The children in his class would usually spot Kiyoshi sitting by himself, drawing stuff in his notebook. Whenever they found him, they would always pick fun at him about his appearance, saying that his white skin and hair made him stick out. They told him he was weird for looking different and not playing as much as the other kids did. Sometimes they'd steal his notebook from him so he couldn't draw anymore and play monkey in the middle with it just to watch him cry and try to grab it. Kiyoshi figured they were doing it just to see him react, so he tried his best not to make it seem like he cared. When the kids couldn't get a reaction, they all just started calling him names, saying he was a ghost. And as though he'd suddenly become a real ghost, all the kids started ignoring him. They would walk right past him and talk over him like he didn't exist. That was then how he got his new nickname, 'Yūrei.' 

    That name stuck with him all the way to middle school, where all the students continued to pay no attention to him. To them, he really had become nothing more than just a ghost. They didn't talk to him, greet him, or even look at him. And it made it so that he never got any chance at making friends. He started becoming even more withdrawn at that point, depending solely on his art as a gateway to escape the bullies of his school. He'd buy sketchbook after sketchbook, filling it with the emotions that he was never able to express to people during the day. His art had improved drastically, making him one of the best and well known artist within his school. He would get so much praise from teachers and the principal, it brought him a sort of comfort.  It had been a long time since he was recognized by anyone, it seemed people we're really beginning to notice him again. But it seemed the other students didn't like him getting so much attention for his work and were extremely jealous that someone so quiet and pathetic should be put in such high regard. That's when many students started taking Kiyoshi's silence towards them as his way saying he was better then them all. And as one could imagine, that stirred a bit of commotion amongst the students of his class. So one day, a couple of boys in his class decided to gang up on him and beat him up. One of them stole his sketchbook and started tearing his drawings, piece by piece in front of him. They laughed, and Kiyoshi, who had been doing such a good job of not letting people get to him, could feel himself about to cry. They left him there, sticking a small note to his head before leaving, content with their work. And when Kiyoshi looked down at the note he couldn't help but cry.

   "Ghosts should remain unnoticed."

    He'd been able to hide the bullying from his family, but coming home so beaten and bruised up, they had him transfer middle schools. His time in that school was pretty short since it was his final year, but it didn't feel all that different from his old school. People didn't pick on him, but he was still known for being nothing  but a quiet ghost...and he figured, maybe that was all for the best. He didn't try drawing as much that year, afraid of history repeating itself if people started praising his art again. The less he drew, the more depressed he found himself. And his situation at home wasn't making things any easier at the time. How could anyone be happy when their parents we're planning on separating due to issues that he hadn't even known we're there? It was all becoming too much to handle, and he wasn't sure he could manage to pull himself up from it. 

    However when summer finally came around, Kiyoshi decided enough was enough. He couldn't let all this sadness and fear control his passion.  He wanted to draw and paint freely again like he had before, without having to be afraid of what people might say or think. So he made a promise to himself, the second he made it into high school, he would join as many art classes and clubs as he possibly could in order to pursue his career and follow his dreams. 

Additional Info:
-His best talent is drawing, he's become incredibly good at it. 
-He is a big fan of anime and manga, if he isn't drawing at home, he's usually immersed in that instead. 
-He really doesn't do well with cooking. 
-He's never made a true friend.
-Only people he feels he can openly speak to are his siblings. 
-He loves to pig out on food, sometimes he's like a bottomless pit. 
-He likes it when his siblings touch and braid his hair.
-He can get really, really red when he blushes.
-He likes to draw wearing nothing but his boxers...only at home of course. x'D

"I just want to stay inside and draw..."


"I'm hungry...Feed me food sis."

Watanabe Dai (Father, who he doesnt live with anymore since the divorce) 
Watanabe Ayako (Mother, lives with her)
Watanabe Fumiko (Older sister)
Watanabe Chika (Younger sister) 
Kenjiro Aiden (The Beautiful Person/roommate) 
Kurosawa Asato (The Kind Person)

Kiyoshi (c) :iconanimeneko123:
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Emiliannejacobs Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Student General Artist
watta cutie 
AnimeNeko123 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
Hehe thank you very much! OuO I wanna start rping with him soon! QwQ 
Emiliannejacobs Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Same I want to make a few friends before school ends to I can start rping. Thats also after I finish revamping my app. Shoot me a message if your interested in a new friend^^
AnimeNeko123 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
I'm always willing and ready to make new friends! OUO So if you'd like to chat and rp I can send you my Skype! 
Emiliannejacobs Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Lets use Skype mine is emiliannej just send me a link to ur ap so I know who it is
TheClansOf-TheValley Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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AnimeNeko123 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
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alicec2246 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
S-so cute!! Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 
I really hope you get accepted! 'v'
AnimeNeko123 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
>w< Hehe, thank you!!! :heart: 

I really hope so too. ; u ;
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